Grass Seeds

Grass Seeds

The grass is certainly one of the elements most linked to gardening and it is almost a common denominator in all Spanish gardens. Its unique value is based on both aesthetic and functional aspects, finding as major exponents of the first, color, majesty and contrast while sponginess, finesse and freshness makes it stay on top in terms of functionality.

It is true that some sectors has challenged its hegemony, naming values such as sustainability, environmental impact or maintenance, as negative points, all values in which Semillas Batlle bases its caespitose line, working for many years in research and development of new varieties which are characterized by a maximum efficiency of water resources, procurement of seeds, resistant to many pests and diseases, reduced growth, maintenance, color ... ultimately all of them roads that lead to sustainability, both in terms of water consumption, as in the use of plant protection products, as in maintenance, remembering that for natural and historical tradition, grass is the predefined environment of a green area or garden being a 100% positive environmental impact.

It is defined as lawn the short and dense grass covering the ground. The characteristics of the species that act with a carpet-like function are what give us a more detailed definition of the lawn.

To create the green layer that forms the lawn it is essential to have clear a number of factors that directly influence in the success of our choice, such as the terrain, climate of the area, its use, maintenance requirements, cultural operations ...

Semillas Batlle intends to provide the necessary information to enable the user to choose the grass that best suits its needs, also informing him of the steps to be done, when there must be done and how to execute them, thus becoming his particular adviser.

Boxpalet Grass

  • Capacity: 60 boxes of 1kg o 18 bags of 5Kg