Orchard and Garden Seeds

Orchard and Garden Seeds

"The first of all is the Seed"

Batlle offers the largest range of vegetable seeds, flowers, herbs and grass.

The seed is the first step in agriculture activity. Seeds are units of dissemination and sexual reproduction of plants derived from the development of the ovules of its flowers. Seed production is a laborious process in which converge the process of obtaining new varieties, experimentation and testing of new lines, conservation of registered varieties and seed production itself. This production takes place in appropriate facilities with which high quality seeds can be obtained in the best conditions and free from pests and illness contamination. The production includes the next steps, sowing, harvesting, drying, conditioning, analysis, quality control, classification, sorting, processing, certification, labelling and packaging.


  • Mural exhibitor 64 hooks + tray
    Height: 2,12m
    Width: 0,96m
    Depth: 0,5m

  • Rotative exhibitor 96 hooks
    Height: 1,83m
    Width: 0,49m
    Depth: 0,49m

  • Counter exhibitor 32 hooks
    Height: 0,95m
    Width: 0,37m
    Depth: 0,37m